Experience | Automotive

Having our roots in Michigan, the firm has an extensive background with automotive companies and suppliers. Our attorneys have deep knowledge of virtually every aspect of automotive technology. Many have worked as engineers for OEMs and suppliers. We also have significant experience in factory floor automation, tooling and other equipment used in the production of automobiles.


With significant growth in connected, electric, self-driving and shared cars, the convergence of the automotive and technology industries is well under way. Technology companies are the fastest growing category of patent holders in the automotive industry. This brings significant opportunities for both industries as well as numerous challenges such as increased litigation over technology ownership, more non-practicing entity (NPE) litigation and the increased importance of solid technology standards.

With offices in the Silicon Valley and Detroit, Young Basile is on the leading edge of intellectual property issues for tech and automotive. We provide strategic patent advice and handle complex litigation to protect advanced automotive technology.


Representative Clients:

  • Nissan
  • Cooper-Standard
  • Comau
  • BorgWarner
  • Norgren Automation Solutions
  • DAVCO Technology
  • Melling Tool