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Young Basile helps start-ups and emerging growth companies to raise capital, establish their brands and acquire, protect and commercialize intellectual property.

Emerging Companies

Our Capabilities
Our extensive deal-making experience – a rarity among IP lawyers – allows us to tune our advice to the realities of your marketplace and to deliver practical, cost-effective solutions. And our nimble, responsive and flexible style of practice is ideally suited for the demanding environment in which you operate.

Protecting Technology
The first order of business for any technology start-up is to acquire and protect proprietary technology that will distinguish it from competitors and attract financing. With over 20 registered patent lawyers, we can protect your core technology through patents in the United States and other major markets. We also help you capitalize on less expensive forms of IP protection such as copyrights and trade secrets. We even offer complimentary training sessions for you and your key employees to be sure that everyone on your team understands the risks and opportunities presented by intellectual property.

Raising Capital
We have corporate and transactional expertise and regularly advise entrepreneurs in corporate formation, venture financing and employee incentives.

Establishing Brands
Establishing a new brand means focus on both the offensive strategy of protecting the brand and the defensive strategy of avoiding claims by prior users of similar brands. We can assist you in securing rights to brand names through trademark registration. We can also help you evaluate the legal risk of a proposed brand and explain to you options for protecting that brand here in the United States, around the world and, of course, on the Internet.

Building Partnerships
Technology start-ups exist in a commercial ecosystem of investors, customers, partners and suppliers. We have significant experience in drafting and negotiating contracts to build these relationships. From licenses to joint ventures, we help you identify and resolve strategic issues and close deals quickly, cost-effectively, with less risk and better results.

Closing Sales
Whether it is that critical first sale or the end-of-quarter crunch, we help close sales with customers – without giving away the store from an IP perspective. We share your sense of urgency during these exciting – and difficult – moments, and we are available to you 24-7 if necessary.

Industry Savvy
Our lawyers have technical backgrounds and experience in specific industries, including automotive, software, hardware, robotics, semiconductors, electronics, material science and medical devices. This technical background and industry focus allows us to quickly understand our clients’ business models and objectives and to offer advice and strategic insight grounded on our experience in many similar transactions.

Flexible Fee Arrangements
We understand the challenges and opportunities faced by start-ups, and we offer a variety of fee plans to help you conserve cash while meeting strategic objectives.



Young Basile has a lengthy history of success in startup law, strategic IP support, and venture capital. From Silicon Valley to Boston and beyond, we work with some of the most innovative and fastest growing emerging companies in the world.

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