Our Team

Specialists in the Business of Intellectual Property and Litigation

Our legal team brings not only a wealth of technical experience and years of successful legal results for clients, we bring a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and industries. We are more than mere practitioners. We are true partners with our clients, using our skills as lawyers to add value, reduce costs and risks and achieve meaningful business objectives. We invite you to learn more about our team.


Image of Daniel P. Aleksynas

Daniel P. Aleksynas

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0112
Image of Thomas P. Arden

Thomas P. Arden

Shareholder / Chicago, IL 60606 [email protected] 312-445-9322
Image of Andrew R. Basile, Sr.

Andrew R. Basile, Sr.

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-649-3333
Image of Andrew R. Basile, Jr.

Andrew R. Basile, Jr.

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0104
Image of Michael Cantara, PhD

Michael Cantara, PhD

Technology Specialist / Quincy, MA 02169 [email protected] 248-370-5211
Image of Michael J. Debono

Michael J. Debono

Of Counsel / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-687-5732
Image of John Demarco

John Demarco

Shareholder / Houston, TX 77002 [email protected] 832-871-5058
Image of Jeremy C. Estes

Jeremy C. Estes

Senior Counsel / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 214-295-3146
Image of Stacie N. Farina

Stacie N. Farina

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0131
Image of George S. Fish

George S. Fish

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0139
Image of Christian J. Garascia

Christian J. Garascia

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0114
Image of Denise M. Glassmeyer

Denise M. Glassmeyer

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0114
Image of Michael P. Hayek

Michael P. Hayek

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0124
Image of Abhik A. Huq

Abhik A. Huq

Shareholder / Philadelphia, PA [email protected] 248-244-0122
Image of Michael M. Jacob

Michael M. Jacob

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0172
Image of Daniel Jang

Daniel Jang

Associate / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-365-4528
Image of Eric J. Keller

Eric J. Keller

Senior Counsel / Quincy, MA 02169 [email protected] 617-307-4088
Image of Heather M. Kleinhardt

Heather M. Kleinhardt

Shareholder / Ann Arbor, MI 48104 [email protected] 734-662-6035
Image of Adam D. Kline

Adam D. Kline

Shareholder / Philadelphia, PA 19103 [email protected] 248-244-0160
Image of Michelle L. Knight

Michelle L. Knight

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-649-3333
Image of Philip Koranteng

Philip Koranteng

Patent Agent / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 650-223-7276
Image of Bryan Lemanski

Bryan Lemanski

Senior Counsel / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0162
Image of Evan Linderman

Evan Linderman

Associate / Chicago, IL 60606 [email protected] 248-244-0177
Image of Molly Basile Markley

Molly Basile Markley

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0154
Image of Neil C. Maskeri

Neil C. Maskeri

Senior Counsel / Philadelphia, PA 19103 [email protected] 248-687-5775
Image of Elliott Mason, PhD

Elliott Mason, PhD

Patent Agent / Quincy, MA 02169 [email protected] 248-244-0111
Image of Andrew M. Maurer

Andrew M. Maurer

Senior Counsel / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-455-4118
Image of Ryan T. McCleary

Ryan T. McCleary

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0130
Image of Kathleen G. Mellon

Kathleen G. Mellon

Of Counsel / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0116
Image of Todd L. Moore

Todd L. Moore

Shareholder / Ann Arbor, MI 48104 [email protected] 734-662-0270
Image of Francine B. Nesti

Francine B. Nesti

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0163
Image of Kevin J. Nilsen, PhD

Kevin J. Nilsen, PhD

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0170
Image of Kathryn L. Ossian

Kathryn L. Ossian

Of Counsel / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 313-575-7234
Image of Warren M. Pate

Warren M. Pate

Of Counsel / Troy, MI, 48084 [email protected] 248-365-4523
Image of Kayvon Pourmirzaie

Kayvon Pourmirzaie

Shareholder / Palo Alto, CA 94301 [email protected] 415-450-6686
Image of Gregory Rabin

Gregory Rabin

Senior Counsel / Quincy, MA 02169 [email protected] 248-687-5706
Image of Craig A. Redinger

Craig A. Redinger

Shareholder / Ann Arbor, MI 48104 [email protected] 734-662-0270
Image of Keith A. Schonberger

Keith A. Schonberger

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0150
Image of Norman L. Sims

Norman L. Sims

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 231-460-6120
Image of Benjamin A. Tigay

Benjamin A. Tigay

Associate / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0119
Image of Sunil K. Singh, PhD

Sunil K. Singh, PhD

Senior Counsel / Palo Alto, CA 94301 [email protected] 248-687-5733
Image of Allison Zumbro Weimer

Allison Zumbro Weimer

Senior Counsel / Ann Arbor, MI 48104 [email protected] 248-649-3333
Image of Jeffrey D. Wilson

Jeffrey D. Wilson

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0173
Image of Ethan Woelke

Ethan Woelke

Senior Counsel / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248.649.3333
Image of Eddie D. Woodworth

Eddie D. Woodworth

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0176
Image of Lin Xiao, Ph.D.

Lin Xiao, Ph.D.

Shareholder / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0132
Image of Thomas N. Young

Thomas N. Young

Of Counsel / Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] 248-244-0101