Experience | Telecommunications

Young Basile has a long track record of providing high quality, cost-effective prosecution services to telecommunications companies on both infrastructure and devices. We welcome the opportunity to develop your portfolio in the telecommunications technology space.

Our Capabilities

Patent Preparation and Prosecution
Our attorneys have decades of experience in wireless telecommunications, including working with standards such as 4G, 4.5G, 5G, LTE, HSPA+, and 802.xx. Our team has collectively prepared and/or prosecuted over 200 relevant patent applications.

A few examples of the many applications that our team has handled include:

  • Media Independent Handover (MIH) at MAC layer and physical layer of protocol stack. (e.g., US 8,180,346 B2)
  • Enhanced security for direct link communications
  • Method and Apparatus For Detecting And Measuring For Home Node-Bs

Standards, Patent Pools, and Mappings

The YB telecommunications team has significant experience with standards and patent pools with respect to 3GPP, WCDMA, LTE, LTE-A, IEEE 802.11ac/ad/b/e/g/n, and IEEE 802.16 e/m, for example. They are experienced in charting applications to the standards, patent prosecution issues with respect to standards releases, and licensing.

Corporate and Finance

We help entrepreneurs establish new businesses from the ground up. As your company grows, we can handle its day-to-day legal affairs, including employment matters and contracts. When it comes time to raise capital, we can structure and negotiate angel and venture investments. We also represent investors, and in appropriate circumstances can leverage that experience to provide our clients with strategic advice and introductions.

Protecting Technology and Brands

Young Basile provides turnkey solutions for acquiring and protecting intellectual property assets. With over thirty attorneys registered to practice in the US Patent and Trademark Office, we have prepared and prosecuted thousands of patent applications across a range of technologies and helped our clients establish strong brands through trademark applications. We can also help our clients capitalize on less expensive forms of IP protection, such as copyrights and trade secrets.

Commercial and IP Litigation

We represent telecommunication companies in disputes with competitors, customers, and former employees. Our technical experience is invaluable in effectively handling technology-related litigation.