Experience | Quantum Technology

We offer a full range of legal services and provide a deep level of expertise for our clients working in quantum information science and technology (QIST). Members of our quantum team have experience preparing and prosecuting applications for a variety of quantum technologies including quantum computing, quantum communications, and quantum sensing.

Team Members

Our quantum team has PhD level training and experience in a variety of fields related to QIST:

  • Elliott Mason – MIT Ph.D. 2002 in Quantum Communications (photon sources)
  • Bryce Hickam – Caltech Ph.D. 2023, expertise in Quantum Sensing (quantum optical spectroscopy).
  • Kevin Nilsen – Rutgers Ph.D. 1988, over 20 years at The Dow Chemical Company
  • Erik Chmelar – Stanford Ph.D. 2004, expertise in semiconductors and hardware/software systems.


Active in Quantum Industry

Young Basile is a founding member of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), and has provided technical expertise in multiple QED-C technical advisory committees (TACs):

  • Standards and Performance Metrics TAC (elected 2022 TAC chair)
  • Use Cases TAC (contributed to “A Guide to a Quantum-Safe Organization”)
  • Quantum Law TAC (membership in IP subcommittee)


Corporate and Finance

We help entrepreneurs establish new businesses from the ground up. As your company grows, we can handleits day-to-day legal affairs, including employment matters and contracts. When it comes time to raise capital, wecan structure and negotiate angel and venture investments. We also represent investors, and in appropriatecircumstances can leverage that experience to provide our clients with strategic advice and introductions.


Protecting Technology and Brands

Young Basile provides turnkey solutions for acquiring and protecting intellectual property assets. With overtwenty attorneys registered to practice in the US Patent and Trademark Office, we have prepared and prosecutedthousands of patent applications across a range of technologies and helped our clients establish strong brandsthrough trademark applications. We can also help our clients capitalize on less expensive forms of IP protection, suchas copyrights and trade secrets.


Commercial and IP Litigation

We represent companies in disputes with competitors, customers, and former employees. Our technical experienceis invaluable in effectively handling technology-related litigation.