Young Basile, a member of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), is the only law firm to be a founding member of the consortium, which was tasked with growing the US quantum industry by the National Quantum Initiative Act (of 2018). Elliott Mason, a Young Basile patent agent with a PhD in nonlinear and quantum optics, has made significant contributions to the QED-C through his involvement in three technical advisory committees (TACs). Elliott helped develop “A Guide to a Quantum-Safe Organization” and supported efforts to reach out to the US Patent and Trademark Office. He also served as chair of the Standards and Performance Metrics TAC and continues to lead its activities in quantum networking.

The QED-C’s Quantum Marketplace connects those in need of quantum technology with suppliers, customers, and partners. Monthly webinars showcase QED-C member companies, including Young Basile, offering a range of quantum technology and services. The linked video is from a December 13, 2022 webinar entitled “Unraveling Legal for Quantum,” featuring Young Basile’s IP services and professionals with quantum expertise.

Click Here to watch Dr. Mason’s presentation at the Webinar.

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