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From Silicon Valley to Shanghai, leading tech companies tap Young Basile to protect their innovations.

From fast-growing startups to industry giants, the world’s most successful companies rely on Young Basile to prepare and prosecute patent applications on important technologies.

Our clients know that Young Basile’s tech-savvy prosecutors deliver high-level work with a deep understanding of their business goals. They recognize our devotion to patent quality and our willingness to go the extra mile to understand the invention and ensure that it is fully disclosed and optimally claimed. They appreciate that our rate structure allows us to take the time to get their cases right within their available budgets.

Other highly successful, industry-leading companies that make substantial use of Young Basile for patent prosecution include: Google (video coding), GoPro (image processing), Nissan (autonomous vehicles), Xiaomi (mobile telephony) and Huami (wearable computing).

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Andrew R. Basile Jr.