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Young Basile provides trusted evaluation of patent assertion claims, on a fixed fee basis, for parties, investors and litigation finance providers.

Our Capabilities

For an affordable fixed fee, we can evaluate an assertion risk and provide recommendations to remediate that risk.


Services We Provide Include

  • Validity and infringement assessment
  • Damages assessment
  • Identification of law firms and experts best suited to handle litigation
  • Opinions
  • Standards essentiality determinations
  • Design change recommendations and risks

Our assessment is useful for parties seeking objective, cost-effective evaluation of the threats and opportunities presented by patents.


Examples of our Work

IP Insurance
We have assessed dozens of claims for one of the countries leading IP insurance companies, comprehensively evaluating validity and non-infringement defenses.

Litigation Finance
We help litigation finance providers assess proposed patent litigation.

Mergers & Acquisitions
We assist buyer’s counsel in evaluating the risk of known claims and we can help rep/warranty insurance providers underwrite transaction-specific policies.

We routinely help buyers of patents assess target portfolios ranging from 50 to as many as 10,000 assets. We identify third-party infringers and assess portfolio strength.

We help clients clear and manage risks presented by patents. When claims are asserted, we provide in-house counsel with an objective assessment that can be used to select litigation counsel and establish budgets commensurate with risk.

Defensive Aggregators
We advise defensive aggregators on the essentiality of patents to standards.


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