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Industry: Automotive

Young Basile represents Nissan Motor Corporation, an automotive leader known for its Nissan and Infiniti brands around the world.

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Strategic Intellectual Property Advisors to the World’s Most Innovative Companies

We represent the industry leaders. The disruptors. The game-changers.
For high-stakes intellectual property and litigation matters, technology-driven companies around the world rely on Young Basile.

Jeff Wilson on Faculty of Online ICLE Seminar on Trade Secrets and Noncompete agreements

Young Basile Litigation Department Chair Jeff Wilson recently participated on the faculty of an online seminar entitled, “Navigate Noncompetes and Trade Secrets.” The on-demand webcast reviews how to develop the best approaches to safeguard your business clients’ trade secrets and other proprietary information.

Intellectual Property Firm Young Basile Adds Patent Agent Elliott Mason in Boston Office

Troy, Michigan-based intellectual property law firm Young Basile Hanlon & MacFarlane, P.C. announced today that it hired Elliott Mason as the latest addition to its Boston office.

Young Basile Secures Jury Verdict for IXL Learning, Inc.

After two hours of deliberations, a jury returned a verdict in favor of Young Basile client IXL Learning, Inc. of San Mateo, California.


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